Bitar Amplifiers Complete tube tone
The Starlight Combo

The Starlight puts rich harmonics and focused clarity above all else. This amp carries full tone and presence all the way to the back of a crowded room. The Starlight is dialed in.

This is a single channel 6L6 amplifier (EL34 optional). It's got great sparkle, and when you wind it up you'll hear smooth breakup. The reverb is full and deep, based on a 3-spring reverb tank, driven by analog, solid state circuitry.

The cabinet rocks, all by itself, even when you're not playing! Thanks to Ken Jones for that.

Prove it to yourself.
  • Output: 20 Watts continuous @ 8 ohms
  • Tube Compliment: 2 x 6L6,   2 x 12AX7
  • Rectifier: solid-state
  • Speaker: Weber® 12F150

  • Controls, Top Panel:
    • Volume (pull-pot for clean-boost)
    • Tone
    • Reverb
    • Master
    • Standby

  • Controls, Bottom Panel:
    • Impedance Select 4-8-16 ohms
    • Speaker out
    • Reverb send
    • Reverb return
    • Power switch
    • Removable AC cord
    • Prove it to yourself.

  • Construction:
    • Hand wired
    • Point-to-Point construction
    • Reverb driver is a heavy-duty printed circuit board

  • Dimensions: 20" wide, by 19" high, by 12" deep

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Combo, $1800 + Shipping ( + Tax if applicable)
Dust cover included.
Other speaker choices available, and may increase price.
( We are not affiliated with Weber VST® )
Prove it to yourself.

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