Bitar Amplifiers Complete tube tone
Jazz Box Reverb Amplifier, 1 x 10 combo

Prove it to yourself. This amp is punchy and deep. Use it for jazz, blues, or rock. There's a lot of chime and clean headroom to be found here, and when it overdrives, you won't believe the compression available. The Weber speaker through the 3/4" baltic birch cabinet are a tight combination that make a full palette of sounds possible. The deep cabinet maintains a well-defined bass component through a single ten-inch speaker.

The cosmetics speak for themselves, as this distincitive look fits any setting, including stage, lounge, reception, and even at home by the fireplace.


$1500 + Shipping ( + Tax if applicable)

  • Output: 15 Watts continuous / 20 Watts peak @ 8 ohms
  • Tube compliment:   2 x 6L6GC,   2 x 12AX7
  • Controls, Front Panel:
    • Input
    • Volume
    • Tone
    • Reverb

  • Controls, Rear Panel:
    • Reverb send
    • Reverb return
    • Speaker out
    • Removable AC plug

  • Construction:
    • Hand wired
    • Point-to-point construction

  • Components:
    • Sealed potentiometers
    • Mallory coupling caps
    • Sprague cathode caps
    • Carling switches
    • Prove it to yourself.
    • Switchcraft jacks

  • Dimensions: 14" wide, by 15" high, by 13" deep

  • Includes a tilt-back foot.

This amp comes standard with a 10-inch Weber® Vintage 10F150 driver.

Many other speaker choices are available. Ask for a quote.

Audio Clips

Aaron Weibe, a guitarist with the US Air Force Heritage of America Band, combines his talent, his composition, and his D'Angelico guitar, through his personal amp, the Jazz Box.

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