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Freight Train Amplifier, Head Unit

Four 6L6GC power tubes deliver 50 Watts, in a pure class-A circuit. 50 Watts, pure class-A was pretty much unheard of, until this amp came along. The idea behind it is simply this: Give high headroom with the sweet tone of a cathode bias amp, and provide a solid platform for running effects when you need them.

The result is clean sparkle, chime, major punch, and a clean powerful low-end. Besides offering a lot of headroom, the breakup is very smooth and transparent. And there's a clean boost switch included on the front panel. Use this to instantly add gain, touch sensitivity, and sparkle.

Prove it to yourself. Standard features include:
Point-to-point, hand-wired circuitry
Half-power switch, 50/25 Watts
Series effects loop
4-8-16 ohm speaker output
2 speaker jacks, wired in parallel

Option: In-cab lighting, powered separately
Option: A drive circuit, adding two more preamp stages for ultra-high drive.

  • Output: 50 Watts continuous / 60 Watts peak @ 4 ohms
  • Tube compliment:   4 x 6L6GC,   1 x 12AX7,   1 x 5751
  • Controls, Front Panel:
    • Input
    • Prove it to yourself.
    • Volume
    • Treble
    • Bass
    • Clean Boost

  • Controls, Rear Panel:
    • Half-power switch
    • Effects send
    • Effects return
    • Speaker outputs, two
    • Impedance selector (4-8-16)

  • Construction:
    • Hand wired
    • Point-to-Point construction
    • Eighth-inch thick, aluminum chassis

  • Components:
    • Sealed, heavy-duty potentiometers
    • Carling switches
    • Switchcraft jacks
    Prove it to yourself.
  • Dimensions: 17.75" wide, by 9.5" high, by 10" deep


$1700 + Shipping ( + Tax if applicable)

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