Bitar Amplifiers Complete tube tone

Prove it to yourself. This company is about tone, high-quality, and products that feel right. Hundreds of hours of design, planning, prototyping, and playing are built into every product that bears our name.

As we said on the "Tone" page of this website, "Complete Tube Tone" means that we design circuits that preserve the maximum amount of tube tone coming from an amp, and we don't do trade-offs just to put out more power. If your amp is giving you the goods, you'll spend about 2 seconds dialing-in "that" tone. And that's our goal, every time you power up one of our amps.

Our designer is an Electrical Engineer; OK, it doesn't take a degree to build a good amplifier. But when an original design is the goal, knowing the theory behind the electronics does count. We develop designs from the ground up, to meet our requirements for tone, quality, and the right feel.

Our development chain consists of the following activities:
-Designing the signal path.
-Tailoring the frequency response of each stage.
-Building the prototype.
-Verifying predicted signal levels.
-Burning in.
-Playing. Prove it to yourself.

Development yields the following documents:
-Schematic diagrams.
-Frequency response plots.
-Component layout diagrams.
-Chassis CAD diagrams.
-Cabinet CAD diagrams.

Maintaining and using these documents enables us to reproduce exact, consistent, product time and time again, with predictable results.

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