Bitar Amplifiers Complete tube tone
Blue Moon Amplifier, Head Unit

The Blue Moon is a purist's dream come true. The entire signal path is designed to deliver an unusually smooth tube sound, from clean - to clean plus even harmonics - to a thick liquid lead tone - to a full-on scream. To hear audio clips, check below.

Prove it to yourself. Every stage of the amp, including the preamp stages, and the power stage, are triode, single-ended. This delivers the highest possible even-harmonic content you'll hear from a guitar amplifier.

In the early preamp stages, we make use of a few techniques that help drive the signal with less noise. That calls for an additional preamp tube being used, but the object here is to get the highest-quality tone possible.

The cathode-biased, single-ended, true class-A power amp stage requires absolutely no bias adjustment, ever. And because it's self-biased, matched tubes are not required. Simplicity has it's benefits.

The power amp stage is configured as parallel, triode, single-ended. This allows the generation of the maximum amount of even harmonics possible in the power amp and insures that they will not be cancelled out (as would be the case in a push-pull arrangement). In addition, the output transformer is rated well above the output power, allowing it to move all of the tone you put into it, out to the speaker load, with virtually no transformer distortion. Finally, the power supply circuit is "over-designed" to reduce hum, and deliver huge bass response.

* Put it in the studio, where this amp delivers a liquid tone at studio volumes.

* Put it on stage, and crank the gain for an experience you won't forget.

  • Output: 20 Watts continuous / 25 Watts peak @ 4 ohms
    That's a conservative output power rating. When this amp is cranked up, it's as loud as some amps rated much higher.

  • Tube compliment:   2 x 6L6GC,   2 x 12AX7
    Note: EL34's can be used in place of the 6L6GC's. Just plug them in and play!

  • Controls, Front Panel:
    • Input
    • Gain
    • Treble
    • Bass
    • Master-Volume
    • Bright-Switch

  • Controls, Rear Panel:
    • Lead-Boost Footswitch input
    • Speaker output
    • Impedance Select

  • Construction:
    • Hand wired
    • Turret board construction

  • Components:
    • Clarostat RV4 potentiometers. Military-spec, sealed so they stay quiet.
    • Sprague "Orange-Drop" Polypropelene coupling caps
    • Sprague Atom cathode caps
    • Carling switches
    • Switchcraft jacks
    • Boost Footswitch included (1/4" plug)

  • Dimensions: 17.5" wide, by 10" high, by 10" deep


$1500 + Shipping ( + Tax if applicable)

Matching speaker cabinets are available as an option, with a wide variety of speaker choices. Ask for a quote.

Audio Clips

Tim Moore is heard here playing a Strat, doing what he does so very well.
Thanks to Rob Rierson (another great guitarist) for his critical ear and expert recording.

These recordings were produced without effects. The setup is: Strat w/ EMG pickups, Blue Moon, SM57, preamp, and Tascam 24-bit capture to hard drive.

Jimmy Murray, a true Les Paul guru, played multiple guitar tracks and produced these clips using one of his Les Paul "museum pieces".

These recordings were augmented with reverb and backing intsruments.

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